Martin Richard



I am Martin, and you are visiting my personal webpage.

After 7 years in Paris, I'm now living in Zurich where I work for Google as Site Reliability Engineer.

I am an amateur baker, cook, cyclist and rock climber.

You can learn more about me and my work.

You can contact me:

  • by e-mail: ten.bewsuitram@suitram,
  • on Twitter: @Martiusweb,
  • on Facebook: martius,
  • on Linked-in: martius,
  • or by phone. Please ask me my number by e-mail.

I write code

I spend a significant amount of my time writing code and building things with computers. My main personal project is asynctest, a Python library which simplifies testing of code based on asyncio.

In the code section, you can find a sample of my personal work, articles I've written and talks I gave.

I'm in read/write mode on:

I enjoy food and beverages

In my spare time, I enjoy baking and cooking. In particular, I bake my bread weekly. I also like specialty coffee.

I want to collect some recipes and keep a list of my favorite coffee shops. Everything I share about food and coffee can be found there.

Have a look at my contributions on Google Maps.

And other things

There are many other things I might want to share: playlists on spotify, bike rides and maps, etc. Everything which is not code or food will fall in the Misc section.

I sometimes share stuff: