About me

  1. Hi, I am Martin!

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    I am a French engineer in Computer Science, living in Paris. I am 27 years old. I may be a bit too much of a computer geek, playing at various levels of the stack, but I tend to focus on system programming.

    I love writing code in Python, C or even Javascript and use cutting edge techs.

    I also enjoy using and working on my installations of Archlinux and Debian. Sometimes I work under Windows or MacOS, but it’s not my cup of tea. Oh, btw, github is my favorite social network, twitter wins the silver medal: not enough code!

    I’m keen on cinema, music and I like to have a drink with my friends.

    You may want to have a look at my resumé (pdf, ~60kB), but please note that I'm not looking for new opportunities, nor I will redirect recruiters to acquaintances.

  2. Work


    I am Dev/Ops in a Site Reliability Engineering team at Criteo since the beginning of 2017.


    For three years, I've been a system and network engineer at alwaysdata, a shared and private-managed hosting company.

    I work on various levels of the architecture, from system administration and maintenance to programming and architecture. I am especially interrested in automation, reliability and performance.

    I had the position of CTO at Mixotv, a personalized and social TV-guide which recommends shows fitting your tastes.

    I architectured and wrote most of Mixotv's backend and REST API using Symfony2. Once the foundations were built, I focused mostly on scaling the technical architecture on AWS and managing of the software engineering team.

    Before graduation, I had three internships.

    I spent 4 months at CommonIT a startup building an iPad application able to control a browser executed remotely on a server, without significant lag. It allowed to browse websites built with Flash, including video, audio, mouse and keyboard interactions. The fun part was that I used an experimental port of Qt4 for iOS.

    I also worked 3 months in an IT services company on the e-commerce website of a famous sportswear brand, with Magento - and 2 months in a laboratory of the University of Burgundy, I wrote in C a tool performing graph processing.

    As a freelance, I worked on various projects. I built websites and wrote articles for a magazine called PHP Solutions (in French).

  3. Education

    I graduated from the Insa de Lyon, a French top-tier school of a Master of Engineering degree in 2012.

    Previously, I obtained a DUT Informatique (a two years diploma), from the University of Burgundy with honors.

  4. Personal life

    I listen to a lot of music, but I don't play an instrument. I love cinema and video games. I casually practice swimming and climbing about once a week.

    I am interested in politics and I enjoy learning stuff completely unrelated to my work.

    I love travelling, even if I only had few occasions for so far.


  1. Contact informations

    Drop me a line at ten.bewsuitram@suitram !

    If you want to reach me by phone, just ask for my number by mail.

    If you visit Paris and want to drink a beer, I work in the 2nd Arrondissement, and live in the 9th.

  2. Online profiles

  3. Websites


  1. Open-source projects

    Everything I write that is not under contract is open-sourced de-facto, since I put everything on Github. But not everything is worth a look.

    Here are the shortlisted repositories.

    You can also read a list of my contributions to open-source projects.

  2. asynctest

    On github or on PyPI

    asynctest is a library built on top of the standard Python package unittest.

    It reduces boilerplate code when testing unittest libraries and programs, and provide other handy features through helper functions.

    The library is in its early stages, but is used at alwaysdata on some projects.

  3. Martiusweb/Vim

    On github

    My vimrc files. It fits my needs, but I guess it can be used by others, too.

    It features Command-T, Powerline, Taglist, gundo, fugitive and tools for PHP, Javascript, Less/CSS, Python and C++ editing.

    I included a setup script that makes the deployment really easy (after you installed a few common packages).

  4. Cfg.msh

    On github

    My bash and zsh configuration. I have to admit that I did not test it with bash for a while, and the promised setup script does not exist. But there are only a few lines to edit. You'd rather use a project like Oh-my-zsh.

  5. Pong.js

    On github

    This was a pet project I've been working on during a sprint of a few days in order to strengthen my skills in raw Javascript, canvas and an opportunity to try node.js and websockets.

    It is a classic pong game playable online.

  6. YaPhpDoc

    On github

    It stands for "Yet another Php Documentor", something that is actually hard to find, since most of the time these tools don't support recent features of the language.

    Actually, I wrote the parser, but not the whole documentation generator, since I didn't get much interest on the project from the community (but I didn't try really hard at the time).

  7. Writings

    I sometimes write articles (once every two years, at least). They are listed in the writings index. Some of them might be on isBullsh.it, a shared blog space that isn't often updated.


  1. Music

    I really love music, even if I don't play an instrument. I'm like, always listening to music.

    I build playlists. My biggest unsorted and unfiltered playlist is on The hype machine. It's always updated.

    I have a lot of playlists on Spotify.

    I've got stuff on Soundcloud, but I don't remember what.

  2. Cinema

    I enjoy cinema and I sometimes write reviews in French. These reviews are on Feston.fr or my old blog.

    I also wrote an analysis on Christopher Nolan's movies, in French too. This is an analysis focusing the construction of the story and the narrative process Nolan uses in its movies. You can read this on a small website called Cinéma de Nolan

  3. Readings

    This is a selection of books I read recently, sorted by reverse chronological order.